Having an author in the classroom connects students with reading in a unique way. Students are encouraged to explore their own creativity, imagination, writing and reading and are reminded that ANYTHING is possible when you follow your dreams.

Before Author Visit:

  • Students receive order form for their own copy of Murphy and the Magical Hat and/or McKay and the Magical Hat at a (30% OFF) school-discounted price of $15.00 and for their own MAGICAL HAT for only $5.00!

Author Visit Includes:

  • 45-Minute Interactive K-8 Assembly (K-3/4-8 recommended if split)
  • The Writing Process…why is it so hard?
  • The Revision Process…why is it so frustrating?
  • The Illustration Process…how do the words and pictures fit together?
  • The Power of Imagination
  • The Magical Hat…it EXISTS!
  • Interactive Book Reading
  • Author Questions & Answers from students
  • Author Book Signing
  • SPECIAL glimpse of the 3rd book in “…the Magical Hat” series
  • Reading & Writing Workshop Lesson:
  • Common Core Curriculum Worksheet Available
  • Students receive a black & white copy of the magical hat to color/draw/write where they would go with their own magical hat
  • One student’s artwork will be chosen and posted on www.katedavidbooks.com along with their first name/age/city

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